Montana is one of just a few states that can offer an incredible hunting experience. Hunters are able to enjoy stunning beauty and the chance to hunt on nearly 35 million acres of public land. However, as with other states, Montana closely regulates all of its hunts to ensure that animal populations are managed correctly. Hunters in Montana can hunt a variety of big game including:

• Mule Deer
• Whitetail Deer
• Mountain Lion
• Black Bear
• Elk
• Moose
• Goat

And this is in addition to the small game hunts that are available throughout the state as well.
Deer and elk licenses are issued through a random draw, and can be purchased either for deer, elk, or a combination license that includes both. Other draws include hunts for mule deer, mountain lion, and even wolf. Hunters must apply for a permit and complete all filing fees and applications. Then, if their application number is drawn, they will be able to hunt the associated animal. If the number is not drawn, their license fee will be refunded to them.

Additionally, Montana offers hunters the ability to purchase preference points. In these systems, licenses are given to those who hold the highest number of preference points. Points can be purchased for $50, and will accumulate over time. However, if you fail to apply for a combo license, the point purchased the previous year will be deleted. The state offers the majority of licenses to those who have the most preference points, and remaining licenses are then awarded via a draw system.

Also, archery only seasons are available for deer and elk, and a $10 bow and arrow license must be purchased in addition to your hunting license. You must also show that bowhunter education classes have been completed or that you have an archery license from a previous year in any state in order to participate in Montana archery hunts.

It’s also important to note that hunters may be able to hunt on private land, generally through Montana big game hunt outfitters. These licenses are still awarded through the state, but outfitters may offer special permits – though these special permits are awarded through a draw system as well.

No matter the type of hunt that you want to do, Montana offers amazing opportunities for residents and nonresidents alike. And for 2019, the season will be just as exciting as in the past.