Nearly every state in the nation has its own unique hunting experiences, and Delaware is no different. While most people assume that Delaware’s small size and northeastern location make it less suitable to hunt than others, those looking to bag a buck or other animals will want to take a second look – there are plenty of hunting experiences to be had here.

In fact, the state has an estimated whitetail deer population of around 45,000, and every year roughly 21,000 licenses are sold to hunters looking to bag a deer, turkey, or waterfowl. As such, taking a quick review of the rules and regulations here is a good first step towards preparing for a hunting experience you’ll love.

Season Dates For 2019

While the seasonal dates will change each year, you can always find them located on the state’s official website.

However, you can expect them to follow a structure similar to 2018’s, which is as follows:

• Archery and Crossbow seasons will run from the first of September through the end of January

• Muzzleloader seasons begin in the first week of October, usually near the 5th, and run to the 13th or near the middle of the month. There is a second season from the end of January to early February as well.

• Shotgun season runs from November 9-18 and again from January 19 through the 26.

• Handgun season runs from January 5 through the 12.

Again, these are general guidelines but should give you a good idea as to what to expect from hunting seasons in Delaware for 2019 and upcoming years.

General Rules

As with any state, Delaware has its own set of rules and regulations. While this is not a full list of those rules, it should provide a good idea of what you’ll need to remember while in the field.

• It is unlawful to hunt out of season or without a license at any time.

• You may not trespass with a gun, dog, or trap on any private property.

• Damage to any nest or den is illegal

• You may not hunt within 100 yards of an occupied structure.

• You may not have a loaded firearm while in a motorboat or in a motor vehicle.

These are just a few examples of the rules and regulations that hunters must bear in mind while hunting for big game in Delaware. If you’ll keep them in mind and find the best outfitter in the state, you’ll be on your way to a great hunting experience.