While it’s a mecca for gamblers, Nevada offers a lot more than just slot machines and table games. In fact, the state has some of the best big game hunting in the entire country, and for many hunters, the opportunities to hunt here are well worth a trip.

Big game hunters can hunt several animals including antelope, elk, and mule deer. However, like many other states, Nevada big game hunting is regulated closely and big game tags are awarded through a draw system that is similar to a lottery. Hunters will submit an application for what they want to hunt, and then those application numbers are entered into a system. Then, in late May of each year, random numbers are generated and awarded to those who essentially win a spot for a hunt.

There are a few basic regulations you can expect, as well. While dates for the 2019 season aren’t official yet, you can expect them to follow the same basic guidelines as 2018. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll need to know. Remember that all big game animals can be hunted for one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. Firing your weapon after those times is illegal.

Mule Deer

Hunters have a quota of 2 mule deer and can take any sex or age animal. The season for mule deer generally opens around the first of August and runs through the end of the year, giving hunters plenty of time to take their trophy animal.

Pronghorn Antelope

Hunters have a quota of 2 pronghorn antelope and can take animals of any age or sex. The hunting season is the same as mule deer, running from the first of August through the rest of the year and ending on December 31.

Rocky Mountain Elk

Seasons for the rocky mountain elk run from August 1 through to December 31. Hunters have a 2 elk quota, but they must only take elk that have at least one antler.

Desert Bighorn

Hunters may hunt for desert bighorn sheep from August 1 through December 31, with a quota of 2. They must take rams only, with no does allowed. There are special dates determined for certain locations, however.

California Bighorn

Finally, the season for the California bighorn runs from August 1 through December 31. Hunters have a quota of 1 and must take only rams. Certain locations will have unique hunting season dates.