New Mexico is a state that has something to offer to everyone. It has stunning natural beauty as well as great weather, and is also home to plenty of great pursuits and activities for those who live here or who plan o visiting. In particular, those who have always wanted to go on a big game hut and land a trophy animal will have plenty to see and do in New Mexico.

New Mexico is home to a wide range of different animals that can be hunted. Some of the most popular big game hunts include:

• Elk
• Bear
• Pronghorn
• Bighorn sheep
• Ibex
• Oryx
• Javelina
• Cougar
• Deer
• And more

Like most states, New Mexico has very clear regulations on hunting. Those who want to hunt here must begin by completing their initial education and training in hunter safety, then apply for and receive their licenses. Once they have their license, the next step is to apply for the draw for the animals that they wish to hunt.

The initial license itself is nonrefundable and small game tags will be given along with the license. But for larger animals such as deer, elk, javelina, oryx, pronghorn, sheep, bighorn, and more, the draw system is used.

In the draw system, an automated computer program assigns each application a number. Then, the system selects numbers and applies it. It is important to note that 84% of the draw licenses will be awarded to residents of New Mexico. 10% of those draw licenses are given to those applying with a registered outfitter in the state. 6% are awarded to nonresidents applying to hunt but not using an outfitter. Additionally, 100% of all antlerless elk and all wildlife management area hunts are given to residents of the state.

This system is used to ensure that residents who wish to hunt will be able to do so, giving them additional opportunities to capture that animal that they have been dreaming of bagging will be able to do so. This helps give residents a very fair chance of being able to hunt and bag the animal that they wish to get.

Once that a hunter receives their draw, they can then plan out their hunt and begin to hunt their prey. It’s important to remember that only applicants who were successful in getting a draw will be able to hunt certain animals. As such, keeping the regulations and rules above in mind is important.