When it comes to big game hunting, most people start by thinking of the west. And while western big game hunting has plenty to offer, there is another destination that is well worth a look – Florida.

Florida has a huge range of potential hunts and with the help of the right hunting outfitter in Florida you’ll be able to hunt for almost anything including:

• Hog
• Whitetail
• Turkey
• Alligator
• Bobcat
• And more

There are even ranches that offer you the chance to hunt exotic animals in a more privatized setting. No matter what you want to hunt for, there are numerous restrictions and regulations that you’ll have to keep in mind in order to stay legal while hunting. Here are some of the main things to pay attention to.

General Seasonal Dates

These are basic guidelines for the hunting seasons of various animals throughout the state, and they must be followed. More detailed guidelines can be found on the state website.

• Antlered Deer – The season depends upon the type of hunting and zone, with different zones throughout the state. In general, you can expect to hunt from July through January, with archery beginning as early as late July and gun season beginning in late fall.

• Antlerless Deer – Again, seasons run from the end of July through the end of the year depending on zone and hunting type.

• Turkey – Seasons range from the end of July through the end of January depending upon the type of hunting you are doing and the location.

• Bobcats – You may hunt bobcat from December 1 through March 31, and trap them from December 1 through March 1.

• Hogs – Hogs may be taken throughout the year by any type of hunting implement, allowing even more freedom for hunters.

• Alligator – Alligator hunting runs from August 15 through November 1 for 2019.

As with any other state, you’ll need to abide not only by the seasonal regulations but also by all other state laws. This means that you must have the appropriate permits in place, carry the right tags, and follow all other state rules for hunters – regardless of what kind of animal you are hunting for.

There is no question that hunting in Florida offers hunters the chance to hunt some of the most exotic animals in the nation, and combined with the unique makeup of the Florida landscape you could plan a hunting adventure that you’ll never forget.