When it comes to hunting, few things can compare to the excitement of taking a large animal down. Big game hunting is exhilarating, rewarding, and can truly be an adventure. And for big game hunting, few places offer more opportunities than Colorado. 

Colorado’s wildlife offers something for every big game hunter including elk, deer, bear, pronghorn, and even moose. But, as with any other state, Colorado has very strict regulations. While the 2018 season is over, it’s never too late to start planning for next year. 

Colorado has always been proactive about their hunting in order to manage wildlife populations and ensure that hunters have the information needed to plan trips ahead of upcoming seasons. Their five-year big game seasonal structure means that hunters have plenty of information about what to expect for 2019 and how to plan ahead to make sure you get the right kind of hunting experience. 


  • Archery: September 2 – September 30 
  • Muzzleloader: September 14 – September 22
  • Limited Rifle: September 2 – September 30
  • Rifle: October 12-16, October 19-27, November 2-11, November 13-17

Deer And Elk 

  • Archery: August 31-September 29
  • Muzzleloader: September 14 – September 22
  • Regular Rifle – October 26 – November 5
  • Plains Archery Elk: August 31 – September 29
  • Plains Muzzleloader Elk: September 14 – September 22


  • Archery (Bucks Only): August 15 – August 31
  • Archery (Bucks and Does): September 1 – September 20
  • Muzzleloader: September 21 – September 29
  • Rifle (By draw only): October 6 – October 12


  • Archery: September 7 – September 29
  • Muzzleloader: September 14 – September 22
  • Rifle: October 1 – October 14

It’s also worth noting that private land hunting is very different. It varies depending on the type of animal, but generally runs from mid-august all the way through the end of January of the following year. PLO licenses are issued by the GMU/DAU during regular rifle seasons. Various small game hunting seasons are also in effect throughout the year, including some that run alongside large game seasons. 

Colorado wildlife officials design their hunting seasons to ensure that species populations are adequately controlled and that hunters are able to enjoy hunts that reward them. Along with a basic knowledge of the seasons, it’s important that hunters prepare themselves properly. 

Proper scouting of the hunting grounds, as well as stocking camps properly with the right gear from hunting outfitters, will ensure that you are able to have a hunting experience that nets you the most fun and the best results. To apply for Colorado big game hunts and learn more about Colorado’s hunting rules and regulations visit their website