While it’s true enough that western states have very strict hunting seasons in place, the fact is that hunters will almost always have something to do throughout the course of the year. And it’s already beginning now in the early months of 2019 as application season is in full swing.

Important 2019 Hunting Dates

2019 application deadlines and tentative draw dates aren’t finalized for all states just yet, and current models are using dates from years past. As information is released from the different states, we will continue to update our information to ensure that all dates you can access are as accurate as possible.

For certain states and animals that have no draws but only basic license requirements and tags, such as whitetail deer season, application deadlines are slightly easier to determine. For example, here is a rundown of some of the previous deadlines and the estimated deadlines for applications.

• Iowa Whitetail – June 2
• Utah All Species – March 21
• Nevada All species – April 22
• Oregon All Species – July 1 – November 30
• Montana All Species – July 1 – September 30
• South Dakota Deer – December 15
• Wyoming Multiple Species – July 1 – October 31

Understanding Draw Date Basics

For hunters, it is important not only to understand the basics of license application dates, but also how draw systems work for each state and in general. For instance, states may do different draws for different animals or even for different locations throughout the state, depending on the species. Our charts and resource guides make it easier for you to quickly get the info for the hunt that you want.

To get the best, most accurate information, it’s important to look at a detailed breakdown of each state and the animal that you are most interested in. Also, remember that there may be a deadline for filing for the draw, but also dates for the actual draw. Certain draws also occur in staggered dates, making it even more difficult to keep track of the dates and the applications.

The easiest solution for western state big game hunters is to utilize our resources to get the information that they need to plan out their hunt. Keep in mind that filing for multiple draws is almost a necessity since states have no guarantees that you will be selected in the draw, and multiple options will help ensure that you are more likely to get the tag that you are most interested in.