Alaska is one of the country’s true outdoor treasures. Pristine natural beauty, rugged backcountry, and some of the most diverse animal populations in the world are all found here. And for hunters, it’s a paradise that simply can’t be ignored. But just what options do you have when it comes to hunting, and what should you plan for?

Seasons here vary depending on the type of animal you wish to hunt, but most seasons begin in around August or September and end by October – though some seasons run well into winter and in some locations, certain species may be open season throughout the entire year. Here’s a look at just some of the big game hunting that waits for you in Alaska.

• Bison – Bison hunting is actually a real thing in Alaska. The remote locations mean that you’ll need to fly in and plan on a hard, rugged hunting experience. Seasons run from September to March in some cases.

• Black Bear – Black bear are hunted in spring and fall in Alaska and in some locations, the season for them never closes. Spring seasons run from April through May, with the fall season running from August to October.

• Grizzly Bear – As with most other animals here, there is a spring and fall season for grizzly bears. Spring hunts run through April and May while the fall hunts run from September to October. After this, bears den up and hibernate through the winter.

• Blacktail Deer – The only species of deer in Alaska, seasons here generally run from September and run through to the end of October. Hunters need to be ready for a challenge because many times a bear will be ready to snatch your kill before you have time to access it.

• Caribou – These majestic creatures aren’t found in many locations in the USA, but Alaska is one of the few places to offer you the chance to bag the trophy of a lifetime. Caribou hunting runs from August through September. However, for subsistence hunting the season is generally open throughout the year – though sportsman visiting the state won’t qualify for this.

These are just some of the big game hunting options waiting for you in Alaska. If you want an experience that you’ll never forget, the state really is a must-visit for anyone. Those serious about having a truly amazing hunt owe it to themselves to plan at least one trip to this state.