California is known for a lot of different things, from Hollywood to its miles of beaches. But there is something else to see, do, and love here – hunting. California is home to many different species of animals that can be hunted, including numerous big game animals. Combine this with the natural scenic beauty of the state, the additional things that you can enjoy, and the great weather, and it’s clear that California is one of the best states for hunters to consider planning a major hunt. It really does have something to offer almost anyone.

But like any other state, California has many regulations that must be followed in order to hunt legally within the state. Those who wish to hunt must follow several different steps in order to receive their license. First, the hunter must complete a safety course that covers all rules for hunting in the state. Once completed, they must present the certificate for validations. This step can’t be completed online and must be handled before applying for the license itself.

Out of state residents must pay more for their license than those who are residents. It’s important to remember that in order to qualify for an in-state resident license, hunters must reside in the state for six months or more prior to the date of application.

While certain types of animals may not be included in draws, big game hunters will have to apply for a draw. Only a certain number of big game tags are available each year, and the number of tags available will depend upon the type of animal, the hunting area’s population control limits. Purchasing a permit won’t guarantee that you get a tag.

Instead, you will be entered into the lottery drawing and if your name is chosen, you will be able to hunt that animal.
For certain animals, hunters are only allowed a certain number of tags. For example, hunters are only allowed one Bighorn in their lifetime. For others, such as wild pig, hunters may hunt as many pigs as they have tags for.

The bottom line here is that no matter what your specific interest may be and what you’re wanting to hunt, California has some very basic, very clear options available for you. Follow the regulations and you will be able to plan a hunt that rewards you with excitement as well as great results.