New Hampshire isn’t always the first place that people think of when it comes to hunting, but the state does offer a tremendous amount of opportunities for those who want to try something different. Small game opportunities are present here, but due to the close proximity to the northern tundra, the state actually offers several hunting opportunities that other locations within America can’t.

Along with game like turkey, pheasant, grouse, and other small game, New Hampshire is home to three specific types of big game that offer opportunities to hunters looking to bag trophy and create a memory they’ll never forget. Each of these animals comes with its own regulations and restrictions that are worth knowing about for any hunter heading to New Hampshire this year.

• Black Bear –Black bear populations within New Hampshire have grown over the years. Today’s populations are currently estimated at more than 6,000 animals, with abundant hunting opportunities throughout the state. Bears can be hunted over bait and with hounds if desired – however, baits cannot contain chocolate or any cocoa derivative. Seasons start on September 1 of each year.

• Deer – Deer hunts in New Hampshire are backed by very large populations and plenty of areas to hunt in. In order to successfully hunt, you will need all applicable licenses and permits. Out of state hunters will pay a small amount more than those who live within the state. Additionally, New Hampshire is home to numerous butchers and processing plants that will process the carcass for hunters if they desire.

• Moose – Moose hunting is a very limited opportunity. The hunting season itself is only 9 days, beginning on the third Saturday of each October. Only those who are drawn in a lottery will be allowed to hunt these massive animals, with a preference given to in-state hunters. Applicants are entered into the drawing, which is managed by a computer generated random number system.

No matter the game that you are focusing on this year, New Hampshire offers a surprising amount of opportunity including thriving populations and plenty of scenic beauty to enjoy during the hunt. For those looking for a northeastern state with great hunting, look no further than New Hampshire.