People choose to hunt for a variety of different reasons. For some folks, the venture allows them to put food on the table for themselves and their family members. Others decide to take on the challenge as they look forward to the thrill and excitement that comes along with big game walking out in front of their stand or blind. Meanwhile, many hunters decide to do the deed to get away from the stress that their home and personal lives produce. After all, there is just something about nature that can calm a person down, reduce their anxiety level, and help them feel refreshed.

Regardless of whether an individual is a newbie or a seasoned veteran, he or she must follow Kentucky’s hunting rules and regulations. Failing to do so could leave them in hot water with the state’s Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources. The big game refers to elk, white-tail deer, bear, and turkey in the area. Due to the Bluegrass State being a top 10-state for hunters seeking trophy bucks, this post will primarily focus on deer hunting.

So, be sure to research the statutes each season to see what has changed, and in turn, avoid breaking the law. The last thing any hunter wants is to get the trophy of their lifetime, only to have it taken away from them for violating orders. Plus, steep fines can become part of the equation too. Curious persons should read further to learn about some of the 2019 modifications to Kentucky’s hunting rules and regulations.

Make It A Point To Know The Hunting Seasons

Before residents even realize it, the time will have come around for them to try their luck at obtaining that elusive monster stag. However, persons need to have a complete understanding of the appropriate time to hunt with the correct type of weapon. The seasons for 2019 are…

• Archery – September 7, 2019, Through January 20, 2020
• Crossbow – September 21, 2019, To January 20, 2020
• Modern Gun – November 9-24, 2019
• Muzzle Loader – October 19-20, 2019 And December 14-22, 2019
• Youth-Only Gun – October 12th And 13th Of 2019
• Free Youth Weekend – December 28-29, 2019

Useful Tidbits About Bag Limits

Firstly, only a single antlered deer can be harvested in Kentucky, regardless of the method used, or what zone is being hunted. In Zone 1, providing that the hunter has a statewide deer permit, and additional deer permits, he or she can harvest an unlimited number of antlerless deer. Meanwhile, in Zones 2 and 3, no more than four deer may be collected.

As for Zone 3, an airgun or firearm can only be utilized to harvest one antlerless deer. Hunters are merely allowed two deer in Zone 4. One of which can be antlerless. However, the hunter cannot hunt these deer during the modern gun season, early muzzle loader season, nor the first six days of the latter part of it.