West Virginia has a history of hunting going back centuries. Every single year more than 350,000 hunters use the state’s woods and backcountry to bag their chosen prey, and almost every family in the state has at least one person who hunts regularly.

Out of state hunters have plenty to look forward to as well including scenic beauty, a variety of hunting opportunities, and more. Taking a closer look at West Virginia big game hunting is well worth taking a moment to do.


Licenses vary in cost depending on the type of hunting you plan to be doing. Some examples include:

• A basic hunting and trapping license is $19 for West Virginia residents and $119 for out of state hunters.

• Those looking to hunt big game who are residents pay a $10 fee for their big game Stamp that allows them to hunt deer, turkey, bear, and bow. Nonresidents pay depending on their quarry.

• For an out of state bear stamp, the cost is $162.

• Out of state firearms deer stamp costs are $43.

• Archery deer stamps cost $32 for out of state hunters.

• Turkey stamps are $32 for out of state hunters.

This is in addition to various small arms hunting permits that may be required of hunters depending on their location or type of hunting they plan on doing. Still, despite out of state hunters paying more, the cost is well worth it for the experience that West Virginia offers to hunters of all ages.


Seasons vary greatly depending on the animal being hunted. Here is a rough breakdown of some of the primary hunting seasons in West Virginia.

• Bear – Varies based on region, with seasons running from September 1 through December 31 depending on location.

• Turkey – Runs from mid-October to mid-November, with additional youth seasons and spring seasons as well.

• Wild Boar – October 27 through November 3, Then February 1 through February 3 for guns. For archery, seasons are September 29 through December 31 and February 1 through February 3.

• Deer – Firearms runs from November 19 through December 1, while archery and crossbow runs from September 29 through December 31. Muzzleloader season runs from December 10 through December 16.

Regardless of the type of hunting you’ll be doing, you’ll find something to love about your West Virginia hunting experience there truly are few things like it.