When most people think of hunting, they probably think of western or even midwestern states. But while most hunters head to areas that are known for ‘wide open spaces’, the fact is that other states in the country have plenty of hunting opportunities as well. A perfect example of this is Maryland.

While it’s known primarily for its rich history and proximity to Washington DC, the reality is that Maryland does have plenty of hunting opportunities for residents as well. Maryland may not be famous for it, but there are plenty of chances to bag a great trophy here.

Of course, understanding the basics of hunting in Maryland is the first step and is vital for making sure that you get the right kind of experience and the best outcome from your hunt. With that in mind, here’s a rundown of some of the basics of hunting in Maryland.

• All hunters are required to have a hunting license. Stamps are required for deer hunters hunting with archery or muzzleloaders.

• Archery equipment can be used in Maryland throughout all of the deer hunting seasons.

• Deer harvested are counted toward the bag limit of the season that they are hunted in.

• If hunting on private land, written permission is required.

• All hunters must carry valid personal photo identification while hunting within the state.

• Hunting deer with dogs is not allowed, except for tracking dead or injured deer.

• Deer can’t be hunted while swimming or taking refuge in water of any kind.

• Recorded or electrical calls or sounds are prohibited.

While small game hunting is available within the state, there are three larger games that are consistently hunted, each with their own regulations. These include the following.

• Wild Turkey – Not quite big game, turkeys are still hunted throughout the state. All turkey hunters are required to have a license and to use a Maryland big game harvest record. Hunters should follow all state regulations.

• Deer – Deer hunting is very popular. Seasons vary depending on the type of implement used, with archery seasons beginning on September 6 and running through the middle of October, then resuming periodically throughout the year. Firearms season runs from 11/30 through 12/14 and then again from 1/10 to 1/12.

• Bear – Bear hunting is allowed as well, with a thriving population in the state. Only 200 permits are issued each year, with over 5,000 applications being filed. As such, hunters will only be able to hunt bear if their number is drawn, making it a highly coveted hunting experience.

No matter the type of hunt you’re heading out on, Maryland has opportunities for anyone. It’s a state that’s often overlooked by hunters, but this shouldn’t be the case when more begin to realize just what the state offers.