For hunters, plenty of states stand out as ‘must visits’. But one that is easy to overlook is Vermont. While it’s a smaller state located in the northeast, it’s also the top hunting destination in that region thanks to its overabundance of game. Hunters here can enjoy the beautiful scenery that the Green Mountain State is famous for along with the opportunity to hunt game of all sizes.

Moose Hunting

Moose hunting is the Holy Grail of hunting for most North American hunters. The reason is simple – the strict management systems in place mean that getting the opportunity to hunt them is rare. All states that do offer moose hunting do so with a lottery system, and Vermont is no exception.

For moose hunting, archery season runs for just 7 days – October 1st through the 7th. Regular season is the third Saturday in October and six consecutive days thereafter.

In order to hunt, you’ll need to possess a current Vermont hunting license and then apply for the lottery. Residents will pay $10 while nonresidents pay $25. Only 10% of permits are issued to nonresidents, making moose hunting here one of the most coveted experiences in the entire country.

Whitetail Deer

Hunting deer here is by far the most popular method of hunting with multiple deer allowed to be taken each year depending on the season you hunt in. Bucks only hunting has been the primary type of deer hunting, though now antlerless permits are issued through a lottery that allows hunters to take antlerless.

However, during December 7-15 archery season allows for the taking of antlerless deer in each WMU. The primary season is November’s rifle season, running from mid-November to December 1st, and allows hunters to take one legal buck.

Black Bear

Black bear populations in Vermont are very common, with roughly one bear for every three square miles. This makes populations here among the densest in the entire country, and as such bear hunting is quite popular within the state.

Hunters are allowed one bear per calendar year, with a separate tag required to hunt during the early season. Early season runs from September 1 through the day before November deer rifle season, while late season is the first nine days of the November rifle deer season.

Hunters can use hounds if they have a bear-dog permit and no more than six dogs are used. Additionally, no baiting of bears is allowed.

Vermont is truly a hunter’s paradise. All you need to do is secure your license and permit and pick the game you’re hunting, and an adventure you’ll never forget awaits.