Few states offer as much variety and opportunity when it comes to hunting big game as Texas does. For the hunter looking to bag an exotic or a big game animal, it’s worth knowing more about your options so you can plan a perfect hunting trip.

Luckily, these basics are easy to understand and are largely just like regulations in any other state – different seasons during different times of the year.


Like any other state, there are plenty of seasonal regulations that you need to pay attention to when planning your trip. For large, rarer animals, hunts are awarded using a lottery system. By entering the lottery you are securing a chance to hunt the animal of your choice. If you win the lottery drawing you will be given a tag to hunt your animal.

Most major native big game animals have very strict seasonal requirements in place. For the most part, there is no season for basic deer hunts, but virtually all other animals have seasons in place. But thanks to the size of Texas, the actual hunting dates vary depending on where you are in the state.

For instance, the season for mule deer runs from mid-November to early December, but in the Pecos area it begins a week later and stays open a week longer. Location matters, and will have a direct impact on your hunting plans.

It’s worth consulting with your hunting guide or outfitter – or online – to determine just what dates you are looking at and to learn more about when you need to submit your application for a lottery or for tags and more about how you should plan for your hunt.

Exotic Options

Another thing worth knowing about is the fact that your hunting options aren’t only limited to deer, elk, and other animals native to America. Texas is one of only a handful of states that has hunting camps or outfitters that allow hunters to hunt more exotic animals such as zebra, ostrich, gazelle, and many other creatures.

Regulations for these hunts vary greatly and are largely tied to the camp or outfitter that is offering the hunt. By contacting these outfitters you can create a hunting experience that will give you memories that will last a lifetime – and give you the trophy that you’ve dreamed of. Simply put, Texas has more to offer when it comes to hunts than you might realize.