While it’s not always thought of as a hunting destination, Alabama should be at the top of any serious sportsman’s list. With beautiful natural scenery, more than 1.3 million acres of public hunting land, and some of the most hunter friendly seasons and bag limits in the country, Alabama may surprise you when it comes to having an incredible hunting experience.

While small game like rabbits, squirrel, doves, and even waterfowl are all present here and able to be hunted, it’s the big game that really attracts people to the state for a hunt. Here’s a look at some of the hunts that you can plan in Alabama.


Alabama is filled with deer and has one of the largest populations of deer in the nation. Seasons for deer depend upon location and type of deer. Antlered bucks have a bag limit of three per hunter throughout the seasons, with a one per day limit. Unantlered deer have a list of one per day.

The seasons for deer vary based on zone and type of hunting. For instance, bow and arrow season runs from October 15 to October 24 in zone B, but October 15 to February 10 in Zone A. The best way to find out more about seasons is to visit the Outdoor Alabama website and check the current regulations available there – which will include a full breakdown of all zones, all deer types, all hunting types, and their dates.


Turkey hunting is an Alabama pastime well worth experiencing. You’ll be allowed one per day, five total during the course of the spring and fall seasons. The spring season runs from March 16 to April 30 in Zone 1, March 30 to April 30 in Zone 2, and April 20 to April 24 in zone 3

Fall seasons run from November 17 to November 29 and December 15 to January 1.

Planning Your Hunt

These are just two of the options when hunting big game in Alabama. The state has plenty of great hunting opportunities available for you to experience, and all you need to do is spend a little time planning out your dates and locations. From there, it’s off to one of the best hunting experiences you can have.