Maine isn’t always the first state that hunters think about when they start thinking of great places to hunt big game. But it may surprise you when you start taking a closer look at just how many different big game opportunities there are available in the state. Hunters may want to give Maine a second look.

Some of the most popular big game hunting opportunities for those looking to hunt in Maine include the following.


One of the few states that offers moose hunting, Maine has the largest population of all the lower 48 states, with as many as 70,000 animals in the state. Each year, more than 50,000 people apply for a permit – and only 2,000 to 3,000 of those applications are chosen in the moose lottery.

Those looking to hunt moose can visit the state’s official moose permit page, with a deadline to file online of May 15 2019, and mid May each year thereafter. Once that you receive a permit, you’ll be given a specific date range, region, and type of moose that you are allowed to hunt. You’ll have to abide by these regulations in order to legally hunt the moose.

Additionally, if you are not chosen in the lottery, online auctions do allow you to purchase a permit for hunting moose – but these are very competitive and prices can reach very high levels.


A valid hunting license as well as a bear permit is required in order to hunt black bear in Maine. You may also trap, but an additional trapping permit and trapping license will be required. For nonresidents, the bear permit is $74 while for residents it is $27. This is in addition to the state hunting license.

Bait may be placed as many as 30 days prior to bear hunting but no later than October 31, and it is illegal to shoot a bear over bait after the bait season closes.


Deer hunting is allowed as well, but antlerless deer hunting is prohibited during firearms and muzzleloader season unless a special permit is obtained. No lights, deer driving, snares traps, dogs, or snares are allowed when hunting deer in the state.

No matter the type of big game you’re hunting for, Maine does offer big game hunting opportunities that are well worth taking a closer look at. If you’re planning an upcoming hunting trip, taking a closer look at Maine is something that’s well worth doing.