Hunting for big game has generally been something that most think of as a western experience. After all, western big game hunting gets a huge amount of attention thanks to the pronghorn, elk, and other animals that are found there. But the eastern part of the nation has its own hunts, and big game hunting in Connecticut is much more than just a possibility – it can be a great experience in its own right.

But just like any other state, Connecticut does have its own rules and regulations that are worth knowing about. With that in mind, here are some of the main rules that you’ll want to be aware of when it comes to hunting within the state.

General Rules And Regulations

• Hunting on Sundays is practically banned in Connecticut. You may hunt on licensed private shooting preserves or in dog training areas that are regulated, and archery deer hunting is legal on Sundays on private land. Otherwise, possession of any hunting implements while in the open is illegal on Sunday.

• No person is allowed to hunt while impaired by drugs or alcohol in any way possible.

• Hunting and shooting from a motor vehicle is strictly against the law as well. Even the use of ATVs is prohibited while hunting on state land unless you are disabled.

• Nobody is allowed to hunt or shoot from across the traveled portion of any public road or toward any person, building, or domesticated animal as well.

• While in the field, hunters are not allowed to have more tags in their possession than is allowed by the daily bag limit for a given species.

• From September 11 through the end of February, all hunters must wear at least 400 square inches of bright hunter fluorescent orange clothing above the waist. A coat or vest is acceptable, but an additional hat is recommended. There are some exceptions to this including certain dates for archery deer hunters.

• A hunting license must be held by all hunters in the field, regardless of if they are in state resident hunters or out of state hunters.

Along with these rules, you will need to abide by the seasonal regulations for each species that you hunt. Abide by these simple regulations, find the best outfitters in the state, and you will be on your way to having a hunting experience in Connecticut that will create great memories and may just let you land that trophy you’ve been looking for.