Nothing compares to a western big game hunt, and when it comes to any kind of hunt there are few states that can offer a hunting experience quite like Wyoming. From the rugged landscape to the natural beauty to the variety of animals, hunters here will have an experience unlike anything else – and maybe get to bring down that trophy animal they’ve been dreaming of.

Big game hunting in Wyoming offers a number of species to the hunter including:

• Antelope
• Whitetail deer
• Mule deer
• Bison
• Elk
• Bighorn sheep
• Moose
• Mountain goats

No matter what you’re looking to hunt, you’ll need to abide by the strict regulations and rules put in place by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Wyoming uses a draw system similar to other states. Here’s a look at how the system works for different animals.

  •  Antelope – For antelope, residents will have their tags distributed using a random draw similar to a lottery. For nonresidents, 75% of the available tags are given out using a preference point system. Then, the remaining tags are given out in a random draw.
  • Bison – Bison hunts are completed using a preference point system. There is a chance for a random draw to occur if enough tags are given out in the unit, but bison hunts are among the harder to land a tag for in Wyoming.
  • Bighorn Sheep – Bighorn sheep are similar to bison in that the tags for residents and nonresidents are awarded with the Wyoming preference point system. Then, there is a small random draw to hand out remaining tags.
  • Elk and Mule Deer– Mule Deer and Elk tags are distributed in a random draw for residents. Then, 75% of nonresident tags are given out with the preference point system and the remaining 25% are handed out in a draw.

There are also general tags that can be purchased OTC for residents and that are drawn for nonresidents.

The preference point system is designed to help ensure that eventually, an applicant will draw a license. They can be applied for and even purchased as well, increasing your chances of receiving a tag for the draw. Then, the random draws are done to ensure that even those who don’t purchase preference points will still be able to get a chance. Points do carry over as long as you continue to apply, and accumulated points will continue to accrue and gradually help you get your tag.